Lisa Rydberg
- Riksspelman (National Folk Musician of Sweden) and baroque violinist

Lisa embraced the violin first time when she was five years old and from the very
beginning she devoted her life equally to folk and classical music. Her studies at the
Royal College of Music in Stockholm give evidence of searching expression beyond the
genre bounds. After studying one year classical music performance she gradually
changed to an individual curriculum being the first student ever in Sweden studying the
combination of classical and folk music. She obtained her diploma in baroque violin.

Lisa is now a freelance musician with a wide range. She’s a member of numerous
groups, such as ‘Bach på svenska’ (Bach in Swedish), Jul i folkton (Christmas in a Folk
Style), a duo called Lisas, the improvisational group Ritualia and Sofia Karlsson Band.
She also appears in many smaller baroque ensembles, in pop albums and besides of
that she composes her own music. She has released four albums: Swedish Wedding
Tunes, Vinterskrud, Östbjörka and Bach på svenska.

In 1999 Lisa was nominated Riksspelman. She has also been awarded Pekkos Gustaf’s special prize and Spel-Stina’s Medal.